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"I'm a fan and I can't wait to hear the album" - John Kennedy, XFM.
"Amazing! Such a tune!" - Edith Bowman, Radio 1.

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An unspectacular grey strip of bookmakers, fast food joints and run-down boozers in South London may not be the healthiest nor most salubrious place for three young men to congregate assiduously in a windowless room for the best part of two years. Indeed, under such circumstances imaginations may begin to run wildly out of sync with normality.

Step off the strip; dart beneath a dark railway bridge and amidst steel and red bricks you're suddenly at the doorstep of where an intriguing young band harbours their psychedelic secrets. Here, in the seclusion of a hidden lock-up 'Flash Fiktion' have been holed up creating a surely-epic album.

Chapter 1 - The Album:

"Our songs are like little stories, based on real-life events but given a kind of psychedelic twist. They're like dreams or nightmares with no clear rules between reality and non-reality" - Lead singer, Matt Rokk.

Three singles have been taken from their debut album so far. Stomping 'Leni' has had its radio debut on XFM and managed to recruit their first Radio DJ fan - John Kennedy. Second single, 'Capsules of Sun' was played by nearly every major Radio DJ in the country, including Huw Stevens, Annie Mac, Edith Bowman and Nick Grimshaw who gave it a 6 week run on his show.

'Me and Mr. E' debuted live on an XFM session with John Kennedy who later invited the band to perform at his club night. With big radio support, their burgeoning loyal following started to grow and the band was asked to open for The Bravery and Young Knives on their UK tours. Two headline gigs at Koko's Club NME followed and the band focused on finishing touches to their debut album.

Clocking in at a lean 38 minutes, this self-titled collection assembles eleven polished nuggets of mutant pop, glam-punk stomps, sunny electro-pop and peculiar hybrids that melt twinkling psychedelia into tropical rhythms. Not the sort of record you would expect to come from a humdrum South London patch, but then the songs themselves are about dreaming your way out of mundane surroundings.

Chapter 2 - The Biog:

The name Flash Fiktion is itself a reference to a specific kind of short-form fiction that gels neatly with the band's own mantra. "Flash fiction describes stories that can be written on the back of a postcard" says Ollie (keys and vocals). "...a narrative with a quick impact, perfect to communicate something in a three minute song".

Flash Fiktion was born from the long-term songwriting partnership of Matt and Ollie and a serendipitous meeting with drummer Dan. The trio bonded over a love of cinema including satirical news flick Network, David Cronenburg's Videodrome and the work of the Coen Brothers.

A fluid drumming style coupled with Latin and Afro-Cuban influences are a large part of what makes Flash Fiktion sound uncategorisable and stimulating. Dan says; "I grew up by the Mediterranean and Latin music was a huge influence, it's been around for hundreds of years and remains the most danceable music on the planet".

Self-reliance has been the natural setting for Flash Fiktion, recording without the help of studio producers. "We're not fans of working by committee!" says Matt. The band made their own video for 'Leni', an eye-bending mix of strobe lights, bizarre costumes and deliberately low-fi graphics. "A friend of ours said that it broke every rule in the video-maker's handbook - we quite like that".

Flash Fiktion consciously spend time thinking about both separates and links them to the outside. "We feel like separatists!" Whilst it's true that Flash Fiktion's dreamscapes are alien to a world where most speak of grimy realities, it is clear that the urban landscape of South London has come to work its way into the band's identity.

Now it's time for Flash Fiktion to assimilate normality once again and journey into the outside world. Let's call it Afrobeat-infused dream-pop music. Let's label it as a technicoloured dream-pop storybook. Let's celebrate it.


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