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All about the here and now, the band from Wrexham drip with the vitality that has drenched the crowds at so many of their heroic hometown live shows..

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ArtRocker, 18 April 2006
Dublin Castle

Crosbi, however are the biggest surprise of the night. Tousle-haired singer Andy Jones demonstrates some of the craziest facial expressions I've ever seen while singing. I'm surprised this band aren't called Gurns'n'Roses! Actually I'm not. That name would be rubbish!

Crosbi are an interesting band, in that it's made up of two sets of brothers. Andy's brother Steve is on lead guitar. It's unclear whether these next two guys are cousins of Andy and Steve, or what, but same-surnamed Ben Jones is on drums with his brother Simon on keys and congas. The fifth member is long-time friend, Jamie Owens on bass. Before I forget to mention it, they're from Wrexham, if you care.
    Its obvious from the vocals the Andy Jones worships at the alter of Lee Mavers. With his guitar strapped high to his chest, a-la Albert Hammond Jr, Andy spits the lyrics out like he hates the microphone. He's got a but of an I-just-escaped-from=an-institute-today look about him, but this makes him all the more endearing. Either that, or I just like weird people.
    Great baggy basslines and exciting guitar parts recall ECHO, The Zutons and The Coral. But I take particular note of the inspired conga playing by Simon who looks like he couldn't POSSIBLY be having a better time.
    The lights come on! Dont' tell me it's finished ALREADY? Oh, someone leaned against the lightswitch. Phew - I was enjoying that. After performing a set that sees it's energy levels escalating to warp-speed by the end, the Wrexham Five are brought back on for an encore to the sound of applause that threatens to crumble the walls of Dublin Castle.
    These guys are actually insane. God know what drugs they've been taking, but they have an infectious love and understanding of music that will see them triumph over most image-and-no-content bands. Here's hoping they're coming to a venue near you.

Dave Depares, ArtRocker

ArtRocker, April 2006
All In

Partisan fans and circumspect press typically make for a volatile combination. Crosbi are one such band who instil blind support in their faithful, yet have struggled to attain critical media acceptance. Still, with some friends and admirers in high places: Steve Lamacq, Sean Ryder, Clint Boon etc, they could probably call in some favours.

Debut effort, 'All In', is a resolute clutch of tracks set in the classic British rock blueprint. There's the tender, wandering vocal harmonies of 'Helayou', the determined stamp of unwavering sentiment of standout effort Coastline; whilst the anthemic 'Don't Like You' demonstrates their undeniable potential.
    It's also fair to say Crosbi wear their influences on their sleeve. Andy Jones' distinct vocals inhibit the spirit of The Las' Lee Mavers whilst tracks like 'She Got Soul' also draw on some subtle Oasis influences. The piano led 'Someway' allows Jones' vocals to strain at the leash momentarily but the released 'Sonny' sounds overworked and underpowered. It's an effortlessly seamless sound that's slick and easy on the ear, yet its production proves to be detrimental. The character and confidence of their live shows has been replaced by layers of studio gloss and any raw immediacy has been filtered to the point of non existence, epitomised in the filler of 'Hope You Remember' and 'Glassman'.
    With a prematurely accomplished sound, Crosbi's next step will be crucial as to whether they "make it". Whilst 'All In' epitomises their attitude, hopefully it isn't the be all and end all the title suggests.

Reef Younis, ArtRocker

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