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All about the here and now, the band from Wrexham drip with the vitality that has drenched the crowds at so many of their heroic hometown live shows..

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ArtRocker, April 2006

After performing a set that sees it's energy levels escalating to warp-speed by the end, the Wrexham Five are brought back on for an encore to the sound of applause that threatens to crumble the walls of Dublin Castle.

Debut effort, 'All In', is a resolute clutch of tracks set in the classic British rock blueprint. There's the tender, wandering vocal harmonies of 'Helayou', the determined stamp of unwavering sentiment of standout effort Coastline; whilst the anthemic 'Dont' Like You' demonstrates their undeniable potential.

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Record Collector, December 2005

It's hard to be different. Ask the side-parted rock'n'roll wanna-cheques that get signed by record companies as soon as they walk out of vintage clothes shops, bemoaning thier lace-cur-tain lands. Crosbi, however, provide a fresh alternative. From the discordant guitar intro, a surging, unremitting sound pours forth, pushed by sparse yet pounding drums. Andy Jones' vocals are akin to La's Lee Mavers with an anger management problem, and they soon merge with lifting, massive guitar chords, which carve out a life-affirming chorus.

Comparisons with Echo   the Bunnymen have been made, but feel slightly incongruous, when a group revisiting their music is compared to one rejuvenating it. Here's to the new breed.


Drowned in Sound, October 2005

Crosbi singer Andy Jones may sound like the ABSO-laden bastard son of Ian McCulloch, with a bee in his bonnet and a wasp down his trousers, but don't let that label them as 80s revivalists. The band from Wrexham are all about the here and now, and drip with the vitality that has drenched the crowds at so many of their heroic hometown live shows. But Coastline is all about breaking away from the safety of those cosy pints down the local and those same old faces on the same old streets.

It's about breaking free and following your dreams, and so quite rightly stomps with a defiance that has set their stall out early. It's the point where Crosbi have come of age. Where their debut single Sonny showcased their infectious sing-along choruses, Coastline grabs you by the neck and screams down your ears.

The pounding drums and percussion keep you reaching for the repeat button like a demented monkey that never gets tired of dancing. If Noel Gallagher heard this single he'd love it so much he might well follow through into his designer pants, but he would never admit it because he'd realise his own band of aging dad-rockers are well and truly past their sell-by date. And after all, there's no dignity in shitting yourself., August 2005

"This is a song about getting your face smashed" says Andy Jones, curly-haired and permanently gurning lead singer of Wrexham five-piece Crosbi, by way of introduction to 'On The Run'. Singing about small-town drunkenness may be lyrical subject of choice these days (The Rakes, Kaisers, Hard-Fi yadda yadda), but musically Crosbi are defiantly not of the zeitgeist.

Their songs begin with bare, almost post-punk echoes of drums and guitar, but they quickly swell into pounding, quite massive anthems-in-the-making that recall the bruised romanticism of Echo And The Bunnymen or Doves. Multi-tasking keyboard player Simon Jones has his own cymbal, a tambourine and even a set of bongos, while drummer Ben Jones plays with such belief his face looks ready to explode. Andy's voice meanwhile shares a soaring, rich quality with James Walsh, but Crosbi are the dynamic, four-to-the-floor band Starsailor only dream of becoming. Comprising of two sets of brothers, Crosbi have yet to register on the indie-hype radar; something that should start to change right about now.

Zoheir Beig,

Fly Magazine, June 2005

Apparently they are all related in some way and you can tell as they all look uncannily like Kevin Keegan circa 1982. It's Mersey Rock, pounding sing-a-long choruses and more personality than you can fit in a juvenile court.

TJ, Fly Magazine

Drowned in Sound, June 2005

Considering Wrexham is only a few miles down the road from a British north east dripping in musical mythology, there hasn't been much to smile about for the kids across the Welsh border. That was until Crosbi landed on the scene, giving Wales a new set of heroes. While everyone in Liverpool was busy sitting in The Coral's corner, those in north Wales were sponging off the brows of their new idols.

4/5 - Andy Robbins,

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